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Welcome to Alberta’s Energy Research & Development website and database, your source of information about expertise in energy-related research and development being conducted throughout Alberta, Canada.

In this site you will find Energy Research Databases, searchable databases with information about Alberta’s researchers, their projects and published material in various topics related to petroleum, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, climate change, environmental impacts and assessments, policy and more.

In addition to the research databases the site provides information on, and links to Funding Agencies that support energy research and development, as well as links to External Related Databases and other national and international Related Energy Organizations.

The site also provides details on energy exploration in Northern Canada, temporary road development in zero disturbance zones by use of rigs.

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Canadian Electricity Association

Founded in 1891, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) is the national forum and voice of the evolving electricity business in Canada. The Association contributes to the regional, national and international success of its members through the delivery of quality value-added services.

At the heart of CEA is a core of corporate utility member companies accounting for about 95 percent of Canada’s installed generating capacity. In addition, major electrical manufacturers and corporate consulting companies and several hundred other company and individual members are grouped within CEA’s broad structure.

The Association’s primary objective is to lead the evolving electricity business in the:
– identification and analysis of business issues of national and international concern
– development of policy positions to address these issues
– provision of a strong voice in advocating industry views

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Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention

A recognized leader in pollution prevention, the Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention (C2P2) encourages actions that avoid or minimize the creation of pollution and waste – pollution prevention (P2) – actions that foster a healthier environment and a sustainable society.

The Centre is a non-profit, non-government organization supported by members and sponsors. The Board of Directors represents business, governments, trade associations and academia.

C2P2’s core business is the transfer of pollution prevention information. Additionally C2P2 serves as a catalyst for behavioural change, sharing knowledge with others so that they can include pollution prevention in everyday decision-making.

C2P2’s services include:
– education and outreach
– pollution prevention program support
– research and writing
– training
– communication tools
– event management

The Centre’s clients include all levels of government, trade associations, industry, consultants, students, businesses and organizations.

For more information, please visit: